Ransomware Protection

Ransomware has quickly become one of the most infectious and feared threats in business environments. Ironically, the main cost is not the ransom itself, but the business downtime it causes – so it is not surprising that only a third of businesses believe they will recover from a ransomware attack without significant losses.


We teach everyday users about the dangers of social engineering and phishing and explains good security practices about email attachments. However, even the most educated staff members are not immune to human error. Education, on its own, is not adequate ransomware protection.


The second layer of ransomware defense is antivirus protection. If a malicious link is clicked or a Trojan-containing attachment is downloaded, antivirus will often save a system from full-blown infection. However, new strains of ransomware are being created at a rate higher than antivirus can protect against them, so eventually, the probability that one infection will succeed is high.

Total Data Protection

A data protection solution provides the ultimate failsafe in a layered defense strategy. It will take snapshots of your data and systems and store them in a secure location. If you fall victim to ransomware, you can simply ‘turn back the clock’ to a snapshot before the attack happened.

Data Protection on Premises and in the Datto Cloud

Ransomware detection and protection solutions available both on-site and cloud based.

Backup & Disaster recovery

Effective backup and disaster recovery solutions will protect your company from any incidents, accidents or attacks and ensure the diwntime is minimized.

Email & Web Protection

It is important to protect all devices and communication channels that are used for sensitive and confidential data.

Network & Server protection

On-site and cloud based solutions available to protect your infrastructure or act as fail-over site.

Endpoint Protection (Devices)

Protecting all your devices and communication channels between them from data breaches and ransomware attacks is an essential part of Information Security.

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