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Disaster Recovery

Cloud Forces Disaster Recovery Service provides a platform to support your organization’s vital business continuity plan. In the event of disaster: system failure, natural disaster, human theft or error, it's imperative that your IT systems continue to operate as usual. Our cloud-based service provides the technology and expertise to bring IT systems back online. Our DR Service provides an IT disaster recovery plan, meaning that you don't have to pour your time and money into running a separate, organization-specific disaster recovery platform


Planning and documentation begins with business and IT priorities:

    • Document business priorities

    • Balance risk tolerance vs budget

    • Define practical RPOs and RTOs

    • Identify best practices and resources for business continuity

    • Achieve compliance goals


Solution Design

Determination and documentation of all solution design aspects including infrastructure, network & storage requirements and key replication/recovery software. Detailed runbook provided with:

    • System and network (LAN, WAN) configuration

    • Application details and interdependencies

    • Authorization and access details

    • Roles and responsibilities for Cloud Forces managed services & customer IT

    • Failover steps – activation of the DR plan 

    • Workload failback steps

    • Cloud Forces support information including escalation steps



Deployment of Solution Design and system administration and operational support for:

    • Disaster recovery software & underlying virtualization technologies

    • Storage, network and firewall configurations

Initial failover & failback testing within 30 days of solution implementation. For every subsequent year, one additional failover & failback test is included at no extra charge.


Managed Monitoring & Recovery 

Recovery of customer workload upon disaster declaration, including:

    • Monitoring of customer workloads for scheduled replication tasks

    • Ensuring replication activities meet recovery point objectives

    • Failing-over customer workloads (as described in the runbook) in case of disaster, declaration and within predefined RTOs

    • Completing failback of customer workloads once primary location is available


Maintenance & Testing

Crucial maintenance of runbooks and regular testing:

    • Disaster Recovery test in conjunction with customer’s IT staff

    • Technical support and troubleshooting for all disaster recovery related software and hardware components, including firewalls, DR Service software and hypervisor layer

    • Quarterly maintenance of DR runbooks capturing any changes or updates required due to software, infrastructure or personnel changes


Let's Work Together

We can help you with assessing your infrastructure and business needs, designing your solution, deployment of new technologies, and provide on-going support, so you can focus on business-critical tasks

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