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IT Services

Our Services

Cloud Managed Services

With technologies working around the clock and teams spread out across multiple time zones it is important to have structured technical support 24/7. Our goal is 100% uptime for each client’s technology environment. Our operations team uses advanced event detection systems and SLA-specific responses to keep your infrastructure operating. We will ensure that you have the right technical expertise available to you when you need it.

Cloud Enablement

With cloud services, your company can access its data any time, from any place. Whether you have employees who travel, numerous office locations, or are worried about having data stored off-site for disaster recovery, the cloud makes it all possible. Your business will see the benefits of streamlined operations and processes, quick development and deployment of applications, and an overall increase in productivity and cost efficiency. Your IT department will be able to spend less time and money on buying, repairing, and maintaining infrastructure, and more time doing the things that keep your company competitive. Cloud Forces can help you to pick the right cost effective solution.

Cyber Security

With the continuous evolution of the cyber threat landscape, it is vital for companies to be able to protect intellectual property and business systems while having audit capabilities in both internal and cloud-based architectures. Cloud Forces provides multilayered solution designed to meet various corporate compliance and risk tolerance objectives.

CDAP - Business technology grant

Cloud Forces is a certified digital advisor that assists small and medium-sized enterprises in creating a digital adoption plan,  and provides the opportunity to receive up to $15,000 in subsidies and up to $100,000 in interest-free loans for their business.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Forces Disaster Recovery Service provides a platform to support your organization’s vital business continuity plan. In the event of disaster: system failure, natural disaster, human theft or error, it's imperative that your IT systems continue to operate as usual. Our cloud-based service provides the technology and expertise to bring IT systems back online. Our DR Service provides an IT disaster recovery plan, meaning that you don't have to pour your time and money into running a separate, organization-specific disaster recovery platform.


We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We can help you with assessing your infrastructure and business needs, designing your solution, deployment of new technologies, and provide on-going support, so you can focus on business-critical tasks.

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